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Silver 1 toz Generic Round .999 Fine Silver

This is by far the most popularly traded pure silver bullion item sold. It out sells the ASE American Silver Eagle in most shops just slightly, because it is the same purity and weight of silver, but costs substantially less due to the fact that private mints do a much better job at cost efficiency than much less efficient government mints issue silver As always, prices and inventory fluctuate continually, call for current pricing and details. $.$

Silver 10 toz Bar .999 Fine Silver

About a second runner up to the generic round or the ASE is the 10 oz silver bar. Its handy size for storage not only of size and weight, but of store of your wealth, is always a popular choice. We can never keep them on the shelf, they fly out like they have wings! Again, call for current inventory and pricing details. $.$

Gold Bars 1 toz .9999 Fine Gold

The irresistable Gold Bar. Very popular! They are always a good bargain, and beautiful pure gold. Most are now packaged in the holders as shown that make them easy to keep and store. Not only are they easy to store because of their convenient shape and size, but a great way to protect some of your savings from the erosion of the economy and the dollar by having some gold! As always, prices are continually changing, call for current pricing and inventory $.$
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